Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

This cake took a lot out of me.  I started doing it and then by the end of the day didn't think it was as good as I can do so ended up getting rid of the third tier and taking off all of the decorations on the second tier.  With much help from my husband and look hours into the night (and morning) we ended up with this, which I am very pleased with.  Since I got rid of the third tier of cake I made the cupcakes so there was enough to feed everyone.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mias Baptism Cake

I was given such a great opportunity to do this cake for a young girls baptism.  It is a four tier/5 layer cake.  The second and fourth tier are smaller sizes to make a cute staggered look.  Took me forever, but loved the outcome.  This cake is currently entered into a cake decorating contest!
Made 9/12/2010.

Fourth of July Cake

My family was invited to a fun Fourth of July party, so I thought it would be fun to make a cake.  This is just a two tier/four layer cake.  Made 7/4/2010.

Cliff's Retirement Cake

Cliff retired and had a party put on by his wife who asked me to make this cake for him in May of 2010. I did a yellow, and chocolate cake put side by side and covered with fondant.  All of the cake toppers are made of rice crispy treats and fondant.  The first time I have ever tried to do molding for edible people.

BBQ cake and cupcakes

In May of 2010 I made this cake for a BBQ we did in Pitts. PA.  It turned out really cool-I think.  Just used yellow cake for the buns, brownies for the meat and fondant for the cheese, onions and lettuce.

Young Womens' Auction Cake

This cake is also a three tier/6 layer cake with confetti, chocolate and yellow cakes.  Some Young Women put on a fundraiser to help them earn some money for camp, and I gave this to let them auction off.  It was made around April 20010.

Sophees 2nd Birthday

This is the first cake I ever made!  I made this three tier/6 layer cake for Sophees (my daughters)  2nd birthday party on 10/23/2010.